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QZ Service

Quoque ZNC is operated by volunteers who believe in both sharing and privacy. Any money collected will be used to cover costs.

In addition to hosting a secure ZNC server, we also provide support services related to TLS security, OpenVPN/OpenSSH hardening and any assistance you want with self-hosting a ZNC sever. Most of the work we do is for gratis but donations from the public has kept the team motivated.

More About Support Services


Q. Can I use Tor/VPN/proxies?
A. Yes

Q. Can you give me two or more IPv6?
A. Only 1 IPv6 per account. Sign up for more accounts if you need more.

Q. Can I use my office static IP?
A. Sure, if that is permitted in your place of work.

Q. Do you provide proxy or VPN?
A. Not currently.

Q. Can I change my IPv6?
A. Not without a valid reason.

Q. Can I delete my account?
A. Yes. Contact our support.

ZNC uses the Apache License.