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ZNC is a Free/Libre IRC bouncer that acts like a proxy, it connects to an IRC Network for you and stays connected as per your instructions and then you connect to it whenever you need to get on that particular IRC Network. It is a good way of not losing any conversations, and has support for multiple devices including cellphones. More details about ZNC can be found at znc.in.

Quoque ZNC is a US-based ZNC server operated by IRC enthusiasts from around the world. The primary focus of our ZNC server is stability and use of strong TLS security while not forgetting impromptu support. We host and run unmodified ZNC software on our server. Our aim is to provide a vanilla ZNC experience with solid transport security.

0. Strong TLS security - we use 4096-bit RSA certificates and perfect forward secrecy (PFS) to protect your communications.

1. Webadmin access is enabled (paid users only): https://znc.quoque.ru:1337

2. Dedicated IPv6 address per account.

3. Uses secure .ru domain from a reliable registrar.

4. Option to access IRC logs at a small fee which is included in price of paid account. (Albeit, we disable IRC logs by default globally).

5. Impromptu support over IRC using ZNC's built-in IRC server and/or ##hiya @ freenode. (We provide support services like instant deactivation, removal of account upon request.)

6. Minimal data retention policy. We do not ask for your email address. Please refer to our TOS and Privacy Policy for more details.

We support free/libre software and user freedom.